10 keys to succes of Fiverr’s TOP Rated Seller
August 7, 2017
10 keys to succes of Fiverr’s TOP Rated Seller
August 9, 2017

566keys to succes of Fiverr’s TOP Rated Seller

Quality over quantity

The biggest ranking Factor on Fiverr is positive reviews you get per 24h. And you can get five stars reviews on Fiverr only if you are doing something great and perfect. Fiverr is an international market and people from all over the world has a different attitude. One thing that we all have in common is that we like to spend the money for something worthy. Make sure you are delivering and over delivering to exceed the customer expectations, and your products are something to be proud of.

Profile Picture and Description

Use some authority picture that the best describes your brand

A thumbnail to stand out from the crowd

Before people get to know how awesome is your gig they need to order it 🙂 The first thing they see in the search results is a thumbnail and title. One “secret” we have learned about great CTR (Click Through Rate) is that there needs to be something live in the picture. A person, animal, flower, sky, nature, something GOD made, ok? 🙂 And the colors should be vivid and to catch attention, think about the signal colors like see on the road signs. Don’t put a lot of text that will make your image unreadable. Instead, put only a few words and use symbol language instead. A badge or icon can tell people more than few sentences just with one look.

Catch them at the title!

Do not use a long title, Fiverr shortens them in the search results so really no need to. What we have found to work best for the title not only on Fiverr but for Email Marketing, Blogging and almost any type of titles. Especially cold calls. Use numbers and words like “Amazing” “Secret” to catch the attention.


I will do logo design for 5$ – Poor Title
I will do 1 Stunning Logo Design in 24h for 5$ – Perfect

The Portfolio Items

This is probably the second point in the decision making in the buyers’ mind of ordering your GIG. These are the first things they look at when they come to your GIG page.

Video – Instead of making a long lasting video where you are talking boring, make a short and exciting video. Give the visitors authority, give them excitement and expectation and don’t let them feel like wasted time watching your video. Be creative, get some kind of acting, make sure the lighting is proper. Even if you don’t have a good camera and studio lighting, you can still make the awesome video at home. Turn the lights on stand up and with your best mood let them know what you have to offer.

PDF – What works really good here is if you create an eye candy file describing your products in details. People love to share high-quality files and there a lot of people that would like to share your work on email with friends.

Pictures – This can be a game changer if you pick the one that shows your work results. If you sell graphics, attach your best images, if you sell services like SEO attach you rankings or other results that gives you more proof and authority.

GIG Description

This part is crucial for few things.
Make sure you describe the good and the bad things about your gig and specific requirements. The description should be clear and make the people exactly know what you will do, what you won’t, and what you can do for extra. It’s better to have clear requirements and statements rather than a disappointed client who has misunderstood your GIG. The GIG description consists of few major parts.

1200 Characters – free text

Instead of telling a boring story that nobody would read, I suggest you to start with a question to catch the attention. Ask them questions that they will answer yes! Like “Do you want more traffic for your website?

BOLD, Numbers and Bullets Lists, Highlights
+ Bonus tip.
Although it’s not listed, you could insert ASCII chars in the GIG Description like star. Look up ASCII Table on Google and found out what works out best for you.

No matter how clear is your description, there will always be people who will answer a question. Try to create a great FAQ with all questions that come you mind. This will save you a lot of time and will make it clear for the users.


Deliver on Time!

Just like Google and other Search Engines Fiverr has a ranking algorithm. They take the time from the order until the order is delivered and the buyer marks it as complete. The faster you deliver, the better for you GIG rankings I will be.

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