Fiverr Success: 5 TOP Tips from Digital Marketing Top Seller

If you’ve mastered the skill of writing, website design, video editing or creating awesome music, you can make some big money as a top freelancer on!

With a Gig purchased every 5 seconds, it’s one of the leading websites that supplies you with the ability to turn your skills into the type of cash that can pay the bills, allow you to travel or purchase that new car that you’ve been dreaming about.

I’ve done it and so can you!



However, there’s just one catch — you need to make sure that your Gig gets noticed and customers start flowing into your pipeline of work.

Don’t worry! I’m an experienced creator on Fiverr, and I have 5 top tips that will provide you with the knowledge that you need to outrank the competition.

Let’s get started!


#1 You Must Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Standing out from the crowd and delivering excellent customer service will ensure that your Gigs get chosen over other creators in your niche.

One of the top factors on Fiverr that determines if you get chosen by customers are the positive reviews that you receive every 24 hours.

I work hard on every Gig to try and achieve the best reviews possible.

I have found that to achieve an outstanding review of five stars, it takes a finished product that’s high-quality and spectacular.

You must remember, Fiverr is a marketplace that’s accessed by many individuals who are located in countries all over the world.



However, that doesn’t take away from one important fact that makes all of these customers the same — they don’t mind spending their money on services that provide high-quality!

You can become a five-star seller by following 5 rules. According to Super Office, these are the best ones to follow:

Always respond back to a customer as quickly as you can – I believe that one of the top factors of great customer service is having a speedy response.

This shows that you care about your customers and value their time. No one wants to wait around for services that they pay for — be sure to contact customers back as fast as you can.

Get to know your customers – The best interaction between you and your customers is when you know their needs and wants.

Customers will fall in love with you when you personalize your service. This can work especially well if you have completed work for clients in the past.

Quickly fix any mistakes that you make – Customers will appreciate your ability to fix any mistakes that you make.

Always strive to create the highest quality product that you can to satisfy and please your clients. I have found the customers appreciate this.

I do my best to communicate with the customer on every Gig.

Go that extra mile – When you go the extra mile for a customer, it makes them happy and may even turn them into a repeat customer.

Your business will thrive and grow when you add that extra touch to your services.

Create a long-term mindset – You can create a customer for life if you give them what they want. Happy customers will continue to come back to you and your services time and time again.

That supply of happy customers sure beats having to go out and drum up business.

By following this rule, you can create the long list of loyal customers like I have.

Be sure to always overdeliver and exceed the expectations of your customers.

Creating products that you are proud of will take you far in your niche.


#2 What Does It Take To Create A Spectacular Profile Picture?

According to Tubular Insights customizing a great thumbnail that stands out and gets noticed when a customer is scanning through multiple Gigs is a key element that factors into you getting work.

The thumbnail is your first contact with a customer. It needs to be good!



Of course, there are some tips that you can use to make your thumbnails pop. Follow these suggestions and create a thumbnail that sparks interest:

Make good use of color – By incorporating bright colors, you’ll have more of a chance at standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Obviously, you don’t want to go overboard with this and make your thumbnail look cheap and gaudy. Just do enough of a color enhancement to differentiate your colors from other images.

Connect with your audience – I do writing Gigs on Fiverr. For my profile picture, I use a thought-provoking pose. Speak with your eyes and include emotion.

A viewer can look into your soul through your eyes. Use images where you are laughing or smiling to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Include enough text to give context – Using words in your thumbnail is a good idea.

However, you don’t want to go overboard with this. Try using a badge or icon to convey your message and grab attention.

Include an image that describes your brand – Having some type of consistency that is congruent with your message will create brand awareness.

Include some type of feature in your thumbnail that signifies your branding message.

I wear the same shirt and all of my videos and pictures. It helps create my image and brand.


#3 Write An Awesome Headline That Gets Noticed

You may be one of the best and skilled creators on Fiverr, but you have got to get noticed and receive work before customers can figure that fact out!

Creating catchy titles will ensure that this occurs. In fact, this strategy is used for email marketing, blogging and just about any type of title.

Here’s how to make your titles sexy and stand out:

Make good use of strong language – I like to use strong phrases that catch people’s attention and make them want to read more.

Make use of strong, powerful adjectives. According to Econsultancy, you should use words like fantastic, brilliant, killer or gorgeous.

The headline, “I will do logo design for $5” is much less interesting than a title like “I create stunning logo designs in just 24 hours!”

Keep it short – Fiverr will automatically shorten long titles for their search descriptions. It’s best practice to keep your titles as short as possible.

Get to the point fast to make your best impression.

Write 5 unique titles and test them – Get one of your friends or family members to read five titles that you create.

This brainstorming session will help you create a title that gains attention and creates a new customer.

By including just one descriptive word in your title, it could mean the difference between someone hiring you or not.


#4 How Do You Create A Beautiful Online Portfolio Section That Shows Your Superb Skills?


The portfolio section of your Gig introduction is one of the top areas that customers consider before they decide to choose you to assist them.

You need to take a step back and curate your best work for this section so that there’s no way that they will want to choose anyone else but you.

Let’s start with the video that you make – What you don’t want to do is make a video that doesn’t get to the point.


People don’t want to listen to you drone on and on — they want to know the top reasons why they should hire you.

You can increase the chances of getting chosen by being creative with some type of acting. Make sure that your lighting is the best that it can be and use the best quality camera that you have to shoot the video — or borrow a friends!

If you want to know how to light your video with a cheap lighting setup, check out this YouTube video from Awesomeness TV to get some tips on do-it-yourself video lighting.

Adding great images to your Gig – It goes without saying that you should always include the best images that you have.

This is especially true if you are a freelancer who works in the design niche. If you are setting up your profile in an area other than design, include results that highlight your authority and proof.

As an example, you could attach proof of your rankings on the internet if you are an expert at search engine optimization.

This is especially true if you are a freelancer who works in the design niche. If you are setting up your profile in an area other than design, include results that highlight your authority and proof.

As an example, you could attach proof of your rankings on the internet if you are an expert at search engine optimization.


Utilizing the PDF file – You can create a PDF file along with your images when you are modifying your Gig.

This is a great way to create a file that entices your customers and gets them excited. People love sharing fantastic work with their friends.

By including high-quality work, you create the incentive for this sharing to occur.

According to 99 u, it’s also a good idea to mention any awards that you have won. These distinctive elements give you an edge over other creators that you are competing with.




#5 How Do You Write A Great Gig Description?

Writing a great Gig description can make or break your whole presentation. You’ll want to make sure that you are clear about the services that you offer.

List any extras and how much they will cost them. It’s definitely better to give an explanation on your exact services so that a client doesn’t think that they are getting something else and become disappointed.

Here’s the major parts that you need to focus on:

The 1200 characters of free text – Start this area with a question that gains their attention. You want them answering “yes” to your questions to condition them and have them agree that they need your services.

An example of this type of questioning would be “Do you want more traffic for your website?” if you offer some type of service that helps them increase visitors to the pages of their website.

Next, I like to break down the description into three different parts — the head, body and bottom.

In the head section, begin by getting your clients excited. You can do this by telling them what you are going to do and how this is going to benefit them.

Implant seeds in their head and get them thinking. According to Kauffman, benefits are the real reasons why customers decide to purchase a service.

In the body section, go into more detail with the technical aspects of your Gig. This is where you explain what you offer and how much extras will cost them.

Finally, you will create the bottom section. This is where I tell them to check out any of my other Gigs. Tell them to contact you if they have any questions.

If you offer any guarantees, list them here. Roll out your welcome mat and encourage them to reach out to you. It’s imperative that they know that you want them to contact you.


Be sure to use all of your characters – Fiverr gives you a limited number of characters to use. Be sure to utilize as much of them as you can!

Also, highlight and use bold code to emphasize keywords that you strategically placed throughout your description.

Having a FAQ section can help answer questions – You can also include a Frequently Asked Question section at the bottom of the description.

If you have the room for it, create one that includes all of the questions that come to your mind.

1 – Include ASCII characters like a star inside of your description to create greater emphasis. You can look up an ASCII table on Google to find these characters

Take time to write your description and let your personality show through. Read it out loud before submitting your final draft.


Summing It Up

I hope I have summed up what it takes to become a success on Fiverr. You can create a great and successful freelancing career on Fiverr by following these suggestions. Have fun with the skills that you’ve honed and start filling your bank account with some hard earned cash!


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