Use Breadcrumbs
May 25, 2017
Optimize your content
May 25, 2017

Analyze the content in your niche

  • Analyze news and events in your field;
  • Make a deep research about your product, service;
  • Make some interviews and audience research;
  • To increase the relevancy of your website there are several ways how to create a content that can attract more clients on your website:
  1. Make an interview with famous experts in your field;
  2. Create a list of tips, ratings and etc. For example, “5 Ways…”, “10 Best…”, “Top 6…”;
  3. Make some polls and votes;
  4. Create some educational sections, i.e. different dictionaries, reports, guidelines, tips, checklists and etc;
  5. Regularly update your articles, read over again old articles and add something new into them. Analyze what topics you should create in order to refer to your written articles. Search engines, in particular Google, love fresh and new ideas;
  6. Write reviews about popular products, services, books and something that people need most of all from search engines;
  7. Compare popular products, services and etc;
  8. Be the first who can inform fresh and new events in your field;
  9. Use some phrases and quotes of famous people in your niche;
  10. Make some predictions and outcomes;
  11. Share your stories based on real events;
  12. Use humor in your articles as even some stupid and funny things can be viral over the net that can attract more traffic;
  13. Organize some interesting and useful contests;
  14. If you have an on-line shop, try to post your price list as people need to know prices and compare where to buy, what to buy and how much to buy.

Content writing guidelines:

  • Your article must have at least 300 words of unique content, but it is better to write more than 300 words. Just keep the golden mean not too short and not too long;
  • Use your target keyword and long-tail keywords that can be greatly included in your article and look natural and useful for your website;
  • Don’t use duplicate and rewritten content. All articles, titles, meta descriptions and heading tags should be unique. Check your articles for plagiarism with Copyscape.