Website promotion with images and videos
May 25, 2017
Learn the Social Signals Model of Your Industry
May 25, 2017

Use Press Releases

What you should avoid:

  • Don’t spam;
  • Avoid keyword stuffing in your articles;
  • Don’t publish your press releases on low quality websites;
  • Don’t write duplicate and rewritten press releases.

What you should pay attention:

  • Write informative and useful material that will engage users and induce them to get more detailed information about your product, company and etc;
  • Use 2-3 keywords in a press release;
  • Write unique press releases;
  • Leave your contacts and website address that people can find you at any time;
  • All press releases are written in third person;
  • Publish your press releases on quality and good websites with high PR and good traffic;
  • Use multimedia files, for example, images, videos and etc;
  • Use subtitles, highlight an important information in bold or italic;
  • At the begging of your press releases you should include your logo that people can define your brand name.