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November 29, 2016
Advertise on Twitter
November 29, 2016

Advertise on Facebook.

To start an advertising campaign on Facebook you will need to create your ad. Your Facebook ads consist of a picture, a heading and short description text underneath. Remember to use an attractive picture and catchy texts in your ads.
Facebook provides a bunch of targeting factors for advertisers. If you aren’t taking advantage of the numerous targeting factors then you aren’t using Facebook advertising effectively. A generic ad that’s targeted at an entire country, without any additional targeting, will do nothing but get you a lot of clicks and waste a lot of money for the most part. Relevance will get people to respond to your ad.
When you are done with your ad copy and targeting, set up the campaigns and pricing (set things up for pay for clicks or pay for views, spend per day, your daily budget, schedule, etc). The Facebook advertising program will give you a suggested bid according to your company details. Set and regulate your sum according to various metrics and compete with other advertisers. Remember to monitor, test, track, analyze and optimize your advertisements.