Remove duplicate Title tags.
November 29, 2016
Remove duplicate Description tags.
November 29, 2016

Create a unique and relevant META Description tag for each optimized page.

The META Description tag is a summary of your page’s content. This tag was primarily meant for the search engines to let them know what the page was about and used to play a serious role in your rankings. Today, the META Description won’t effect rankings but it’s still used as the description of your page within the search results. It’s also the text that comes up automatically when the URL is shared socially.
In the code of the page, the META Description tag looks like the following:
<META name=”description” content=”Page description” />
Each of your pages needs it’s own unique META Description tag. The tag needs to be between 150-160 characters, should read naturally and include keywords relevant to the page. Do NOT stuff or repeat your keyword in this tag because the search engines consider that a tactic of spammers.
Use our Landing Page SEO report to check for the presence of keywords in the META Description tags of your pages.
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