Post controversial content on your blog to initiate hot discussion.
November 29, 2016
Use sites that provide statistics to get new ideas for posts.
November 29, 2016

Do some research and post the results on your blog.

Be the first one to research, analyze and document something. Gather facts and information on your topic; analyze the data. Whenever possible, always verify your information with more than one source.
Post interesting and unique statistics; make sure to format the results in a convenient and appealing way. Provide the “Link to this post!” code, as well as the “Bookmark me” buttons with the links to the most popular social bookmarking services.
Circulate the post across social media channels, including microblogging services (Twitter, Jaiku) and social networks (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn). You can also contact your friends by email asking them to spread the news about your content.