Localize your keywords to target a local audience.
November 29, 2016
Select the most valuable pages of your site that you will optimize for the targeted keywords.
November 29, 2016

Refine the list of keywords based on their effectiveness.

As soon as your initial keyword list is ready, analyze the detailed info (Global Searches, Bid Competition and Search Trends) on each one.
Use our Keyword Tool to analyze the effectiveness of each keyword so that you can narrow down your list. The following metrics should be taken into account:
    • Global Searches: This metrics shows how many times per month people request the keyword. More is better.
    • Bid Competition: Shows how many advertisers are bidding for the given keyword. Less is better. Your ideal target may be a keyword with a lot of searches and low competition.
  • Search Trends: This metrics shows spikes in popularity of a given keyword over the past 12 months. This helps you pick the right words and avoid seasonal keywords, which will show a drop in popularity in the next few months.