Each page needs to have a moderate number of links pointing to external sites.
November 29, 2016
Inspect your site for broken links and missing anchors.
November 29, 2016

Rewrite dynamic URLs to make them search-engine-friendly.

If you use dynamically generated pages on your site, it is important to keep your pages’ URLs as simple as possible – so that search engines can easily crawl and index them. URLs should also be friendly to read, share and list in SERPs.
For example, the following URL is not search engine friendly:
Instead, you could use a more search engine friendly URL:
The second URL does not contain any parameters and session IDs so it is easy to crawl and index for the SEs. It is also easy to remember for web surfers. Besides, in case the site structure allows for removing the /black/ part of the URL in the address bar, a happy user will easily find oneself one level higher, without using any navigation.
To make your URLs search engine and user friendly, consider doing the following:
  • Hide any query strings in your URLs.
  • Avoid the use of session IDs in URLs. Consider using cookies instead.
  • Use words in URLs and a simple directory structure (it is preferable that the directory names have relation to the content in them).
  • Allow for the possibility that a part of the URL will be removed.
To proceed with these steps, you can work with your .htaccess file to rewrite your dynamic URLs, or use any other method of URL rewriting. For more info on Google recommendations as per SE-friendly URLs, please refer to Search Console Help > URL Structure.
Here’s a complete guide to Getting Your Dynamic Sites Completely Indexed.