Refine the list of keywords based on their effectiveness.
November 29, 2016
Purchase a domain name which contains your keywords.
November 29, 2016

Select the most valuable pages of your site that you will optimize for the targeted keywords.

You have already picked keywords to optimize your pages for. Now you should decide which pages on your site you should optimize and for which keywords, in order to get high search engine rankings.
Your landing pages should definitely NOT be the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy pages, but the pages that are meant to showcase your merchandise, attract targeted visitors and serve as landing pages.
Tip: Be sure to optimize your home page and all pages that are already popular on Google. Use the Top Pages report of the Google Search Analytics tool to find them.
It is recommended that you optimize each page for NO more than 5 keywords or keyword phrases (2-3 major keywords and several complementary ones). Each specific page should be optimized for its own individual set of keywords.
There are numerous places on each Web page where you might place your keywords – and some page locations are much more effective than others. We’ll show you in the next stages how keyword placement can make a big difference in terms of ranking well within the search results.