Donate your skills to non-profit sites in exchange for a link.
November 29, 2016
Post comments on the blogs related to your niche.
November 29, 2016

Sponsor an event with an organization that links out to their Sponsors.

All sorts of contests and conferences link to their sponsors. Companies can display their corporate or brand names or logos on event signs, buildings, equipment, programs, uniforms, or promotional materials. In addition event sponsorship is a way to reach a self-selected audience, hopefully interested in purchasing the company’s products or services.
Become a sponsor of an event and provide your site details to be posted on the event’s site. Interact with the guests: take part in discussions, exchange experience and share contact details.
Tip: You can write up a brief blog post summarizing the event you’ve attended, add a Flickr slide show or YouTube video recapping the event. It’s also good to feature quotes from industry leaders who visited the event. This post may become viral and bring good links.